Trends come and go…but your brows are forever!

Eyebrow specialist-Tweezing is gentle and most effective. Measuring for perfect placement is key. Removing hair in the direction of hair growth, one hair at a time is the end result everyone desires.

BrowGal offers training for all brow professionals. You too can create the perfect complement to your style with a customized line of brow cosmetics like no other on the market.

Permanent cosmetics (tattooing)-Over 8 years experience making clients look their best naturally with eyelash enhancement (creating thicker lash line without taking up eyelid space). You can always add more for special occasions. Using hair-like stokes for eyebrows, is a permanently natural looking eyebrow to complete your eyebrow goals.

We’re making the world more beautiful…one brow at a time.


Established in 2001.

Stefanee Kelley has been known as BrowGal since 2001 and trademarking the name in 2003.

Working as a makeup artist since 1995 in several up-scale boutiques and spa/salons in the south. Becoming a platform artist in Denver and working in New York, confirmed the direction she would lead her brand to.

After losing her father to Cancer in 2000 and not feeling the same passion for her craft, Stefanee was inspired to do more.

Happily discovering the American Cancer Society, Look Good Feel Better Program and St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital was the inspiration that was needed.

The devastating effects of treatment and the woman’s/girls brow-less expressions touched a nerve in her, to help woman regain confidence again by ┬áreclaiming their physical beauty.

BrowGal is one of the leading educators for eyebrow design. Sought out by other professionals and clients who knows their best accessory is the eyes.

Trends come and go…but your brows are forever

Meet the Business Owner

Stefanee K.

Stefanee K.

Business Owner

Respected in the cosmetics field for more than 18 years, eyebrow stylist and makeup artist Stefanee Kelley has worked along side some of the greatest in the field. She has teamed with a host of national and local fashion editors, photographers and television celebrities in a number of different capacities.

In addition to being an educator and successful business owner, Kelley has spent over 11 years volunteering for the ACS. Her artistry, generosity and encouraging attitude makes her a highly sought after consultant throughout the Mid-South and surrounding areas.